Thyme or "Santoreggia"
It is a pleasantly aromatic plant, used both in cooking as a condiment, and in herbal medicine against meteorism (hampers and remove the stagnation of gas in the digestive tract). It also has other uses as essential oil. Since ancient times, the Santoreggia has enjoyed a reputation for being aphrodisiac, so that the name "Santureja" means precisely "grass of satyr". Modern medicine has confirmed this tradition, acknowledging Santoreggia the property to stimulate mental and physical functions in its users. The Santoreggia is therefore still considered one of the most popular herbal aphrodisiac. It is a stimulant of the intellect and of the adrenal-cortical glands.
It is known that, sometimes, certain physical defaillances may be attributed to a lack of incentive at the intellectual level. Those who can not find the motivations that determine a positive response at the erotic level, can rely on the aid of Santoreggia, which acts brilliantly right at the mental level because it ignites the imagination, encourages imagination and strengthens and invigorates the nerves and the muscles, making the sexual thrust more powerful.

Available in 250 gr., 500 gr., and 1000 gr. glass jars

Honey produced only in the Abruzzo Region
Average nutritional values per 100 gr.
Energy 304 Kcal
Proteins 0,38 g
Carbohydrates 80,8 g
Fats 0,0 g
Vitamins and Minerals salts 0,5 g
» Robinia or pseudoacacia
» Millefiori
» Lime tree
» Thyme or "Santoreggia"
» Sideritis
» Honeydew

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