The History of Honey
The history of honey has ancient roots. Known as the "food of the gods", it was for millennia the only sugary food. Even today, in spite of the appearance on the market of several sweeteners, honey still represents a delicious food.

The first news of beekeepers date back to three thousand years before Christ, with the Egyptians moving along the Nile and following the flowering of plants. Honey was used in medicine to treat digestive disorders and as a component of various ointments for treating wounds and injuries.

The sumers were used to prepare beauty creams based on clay, water, honey and cedar oil. The greeks offered honey as a fundamental component in ritual ceremonies. The romans consumed so much honey that they had to import it from Crete, Cyprus, Spain and Malta. For the Ayurvedic medicine, honey has several properties: purifying, aphrodisiac, thirst-quenching, healing and it is alsoused in cosmetics.

As of today, several researches demonstrate the ability of honey and its derivatives (royal jelly, propolis) to support the healing of burns and injuries, to mitigate irritations of the throat, and to act as tonic and anti-anaemic.


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